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Spotlight on a Species – White-nosed Coati

While monkeys may be the country’s most entertaining mammal, and sloths the most endearing, very few of Costa Rica’s many mammals are as comical as the White-nosed Coati, or as they are locally known Pizote. The bushy ringed tail and white facial mask contrasted against dark brown or reddish fur indicate that Pizotes are in […]

Paw Prints – Jaguars of Costa Rica

We freeze mid-step in disbelief, and for a moment the near constant drone of cicadas and distant call of howler monkeys is masked by my rapidly pounding heartbeat. We’ve only hiked about 1 kilometer away from the village into Tortuguero National Park, but there before us in the mud is a fresh print the size […]

Cloud Forest Trout

Its early January, the start of the dry season, and I hop into a truck packed with the necessary gear to glimpse the first trout of the year. With me I have little more then a thermos of freshly brewed coffee, rubber boots, a fly rod, and a box of dry flies replicating the myriad […]

Los Santos Eco-Trail

Los Santos EcoTrail – Where Tradition and Tourism Walk Hand In Hand In a region of Costa Rica known for premium coffee production and crisp mountain air, a visionary project to address the most urgent challenges facing communities is being developed by a group of community leaders and Vancouver Island University. With the steady growth […]

Discovering our Headwaters

Hardship breeds resilience, and the New England coast is known for its burly lobstermen and tough skinned communities nestled on the edge of the sea. But evolution capitalizes on these everyday obstacles, creating slow change that allows one to adapt and opportunistically prosper in the face of adversity. New England is also known as the […]